I can't actually use any words right now because I'm crying and laughing and feeling so many emotions going through these right now but wow. just wow. Thank you.


Will be able to write a coherent response later when I'm not floating on a cloud.

This is so awesome!!! Thank you for the preview, we are so excited to see the rest! You were such an absolute pleasure to work with, we raved about you before, during, and after the weekend. Thank you for being so on top of things and for being such a lovely, calming presence the entire day.
Again, thank you. I was so nervous about photography and specifically about being in front of a camera so so much, and you made it easy and fun. We had a wonderful time with you.

It has been such a joy to work with someone as committed, passionate, talented, and kind as you. It is obvious how much you love your work and it is very obvious how good you are at it.

We are very grateful. We went through the book last night and laughed and smiled and were brought back to the immeasurable, incomparable joy we felt during that weekend. It was the best time of our life and you've captured the essence of what made it so special to us. We'll cherish the book, and your photos, forever.

— Brianna + Sebastian

WE'RE GOING NUTS NOW! These are incredible, thank you so much for taking the time to already start going through them and sending some over.
Really, thanks again. This means a lot.

The photographs from the wedding are beautiful. Thank you for being such a positive and relaxing force throughout the day and weekend. Both our families had nothing but nice things to say about how you handled yourself and made everyone feel at ease during the shoots. When I saw all the shots from the ceremony, dinner and reception, I really couldn't believe you got them all; I don't have any memory of seeing you move around us taking pictures. Oh, also - those outdoor shots of the two of us. We now understand why you were chuckling to yourself after taking them, the light is absolutely perfect. Well done, it was a pleasure working with you.
We absolutely love the photos, and were so happy to share the weekend with you. Thank you again for all your hard work, getting those portraits to us right after the wedding for our Christmas card (which was a big success), and producing truly gorgeous photographs of our weekend so we'll be able to remember it in detail for a long time.

— Laura + Will

We can't stop thinking about our amazing day and how much fun we had doing the photos with you. I'm so glad I came across your page and went with my gut feeling to contact you. Thank you for taking time to pre-plan the day and show us around some great locations in the city. We felt really comfortable with you and can't thank you enough for your guidance, professionalism, and for being such an integral part of our big day.

— Ryan + Jeffre

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding yesterday. Ana and I were so happy with how the whole day went, and you had a huge role in that. Having a photographer who quickly felt much more like a friend than someone we had hired was exactly what we hoped for. Thanks for being so flexible and accommodating at every step of the way.

— Ana + Nick

Oh my god. These completely took my breath away. Brandon I don’t have words. Seriously amazing. You captured every single moment I have in my memory. The colors are incredible. What an awesome day. I feel like I’m reliving the entire day!

Photography is everything! There is so much to capture, so much you want to remember, it can be overwhelming. We are so grateful that we have had Brandon to trust with this throughout the years. He has captured not only our wedding, but our engagement and family since, as well. Brandon is with you every step of the way. He has the vision, the experience, and the knowledge to help you with planning every detail and scheduling every moment to make you completely stress-free and relaxed. My husband and I do not always feel very comfortable in front of the camera, but Brandon's personality and experience brings out the moments and feelings that you want captured.

During our engagement shoot, my husband (Kyle) collaborated and planned the proposal with Brandon. He was able to help Kyle with the logistics, the timing, and the setting. I was completely surprised, and when I look back at our engagement pictures, I am able to feel the love that he captured.

For our wedding, Brandon was beyond helpful. His knowledge and experience helped create our vision and turn it into our big day. He was with us every step of the way. Always available to talk or meet to discuss details and planning. On the day-of, I was completely relaxed and stress-free, knowing Brandon was there to capture our day. He was effortless and natural, making everyone in the room relaxed. You can see the pure happiness love, and raw emotion, in every picture that he captured. When I look back on our photos, I feel as though I am re-living the day. And isn't that what everyone wants? You spend months and sometimes years planning a wedding, and it only lasts for a day. Wouldn't you want to look back on that day and feel like you're transported back to that moment and that feeling? Thank you Brandon for creating just that for us. Thank you for capturing such special memories so naturally and vividly, and for being incredible at what you do. We are beyond grateful for you!

— Samantha + Kyle

Brandon was hands down our favorite vendor for our wedding! From start to finish. I’m not the most eloquent writer so I'll tell you why he’s the best in a list:

- He was so helpful and easy to work with coordinating all the details. He completely nailed down our wedding day timeline for us.

- He truly is a professional and yet he made us and all of our family and friends feel so comfortable all day and night long. (Same goes for our engagement shoot that he did for us!)

- He captured all of the best moments from getting ready to the VERY end of the party - wrangled our large circus of families together to get FOUR family pictures

- Got us pictures so quickly and easily (we had so many pictures in our sneak peak! With pictures that were so easy to share, download, print, post... whatever you darn want to do with them)

— Bridget + Alex

I honestly can't say enough good things about Brandon, mostly because I am limited to a certain amount of characters in this review which I will probably get dangerously close to.

Photos are, and should be, one of the most important parts of your wedding. Sure, your friends can take some, or your uncle with the nice camera, or even a venue recommended photographer, but I truly believe that the process, experience, and product wouldn't come close to what you would be getting with Brandon. He is a true artist with amazing attention to detail and the photos he captures have incredible quality.

And so we booked him, and right off the bat, I knew it was the best decision we would make. Brandon was very flexible and willing to work with us to schedule a time and place for our engagement shoot. We wanted to have one mostly to get comfortable with him before our wedding, but also for potential save the date pictures. It wound up being outdoors in a wooded park and despite my wishes, the sun did not come out. As upset as I was on the drive over, as soon as I saw Brandon and his warm smile, along with his reassurance that photos are best when its cloudy, I felt right at ease. And he was right- all the photos turned out AMAZING! The most surprising thing was that, even though I expected the day to be pretty awkward, (hence the reason we wanted to meet up and get a flow going so we would be ready for the wedding) his bright smile and warm laugh immediately put me at ease. What could have been a really uncomfortable experience wound up being hours of fun, laughing, and exploring- and he caught it all on camera beautifully. We look so happy, because we really were! I wish I could have photo shoots with him all the time.

Brandon was available in the months and days leading up to the big day via video chat, phone, email and text. He helped finalize our timeline, photo list, and gave a ton of recommendations for vendors and ideas. He truly was the star vendor that we booked!!

The actual wedding photography was no different from the engagement shoot, and nothing short of perfect. He was everywhere at once and caught all the best moments and detail shots. He made sure to grab us as the sun was setting, and we wound up having a mini photo shoot in a big field, and it was (as always) such a blast- and the photos are so romantic!! He was also fabulous at helping to wrangle up the family for portraits and group shots.

— Kelsey + Dennie

Brandon's ability to capture photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime is an added bonus to what make him the perfect photographer. What Brandon brings to the table is a warm and relaxing energy on what is invariably a very stressful day in most people's lives. He takes all of the thinking out of the equation, effortlessly directing the wedding party and often lightening the mood with a joke and a smile. Brandon is the obvious choice if you value a personable and professional photographer.

— Megan + Patrick

It was an absolute joy having Brandon shoot our wedding. Our event was quite small, and he was kind, professional, thoughtful, and able to put everyone at ease. The photos came less than a week later and are gorgeous and creative and really capture the essence of my family and husband.

Working with Brandon was a blast, and I cannot recommend his work enough.

— Sarah + Chris

Brandon was the perfect wedding photographer. He was thoughtful, flexible, creative, and above everything-- such a kind person to work with. Some of the reasons Brandon was great:

- He travelled from out of town to be our photographer, and still took the time to scope out our venue the day before, making notes/plans for lighting and positions.

- As many wedding couples are, we were REALLY busy throughout our entire planning process, and Brandon was so understanding. He filled in all the holes for us, and did so much with very little detail/planning on our part. He didn't impose any of his own preferences or framework on top of ours, but he did a great job jumping in with suggestions and questions for us to consider.

- Our wedding album is very exciting to look at. For our wedding, Brandon's used several different styles of photography - he provided some very skilled fine art detail images, modern "lifestyle" shots, documentary style images, and more.

- Brandon noticed what was important before and during our wedding day, and kept his focus on those things. As an example: For the centerpieces, we had spent a lot of time collecting vintage tea tins which then had custom floral arrangements based on the colors of the tin, and I think Brandon took a photo of every single one (!) without even being asked. At the end of the day, I was so sad to see things getting disassembled, but when I heard that he took photos of them, I felt so happy.

- Brandon was very understanding, easygoing, and flexible throughout the entire event. As an example: during our (morning) ceremony, the sun was shining beautifully, and it was everything we had hoped / planned for. However, by the end of the 20 min ceremony, the wedding party and front row was VERY hot -- we had not planned for that. Though we wanted to do the family photos in the lawn in the sun, I asked Brandon whether we could find a spot in the shade to do them. He totally just made it work in a completely different spot, and the photos from that spot are some of our favorites.

Highly recommend Brandon for your event or wedding.

— Meggie + Daniel

Now that we've had the time (and internet connection) to finally look through everything, we can't possibly express how happy we are with the job you've done. Our mouths have literally dropped at the beauty of the photos and we really can't stop smiling whenever we look at them.

It's so cliche to say, but through the hard work of a lot of people, combined with the sincerity and joy of all our friends and family, our wedding was really the happiest day of our lives. All the stress of the planning leading up to it completely melted away and it turned into an incredible evening beyond our wildest expectations. The photos you've given us not only bring us back to relive that day, but they do it with such a elegant artfulness that is perfectly complimentary to the tone of the day.

Thank you so much for everything, and for your kind words earlier. It was a pleasure to work with you and get to know you.

— Anne-Marie + Erik

Brandon recently photographed my wedding, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has everything you would want in a photographer: friendliness, professionalism, and an amazing product. He always responded to emails thoroughly and promptly, and offered his own suggestions from his expertise, which went a long way. This helped take the stress off of us and gave us the assurance that Brandon knows what he is doing and will take care of it—we were right.

On the day of the wedding, Brandon was early to the venue and got acclimated quickly. While he was taking candid photos of the ceremony and reception, I could barely tell that he was even there, which is ideal. When we were taking organized family photos, he was excellent at instructing us in a friendly and direct way to help us get the best shots possible.

My wife and I could not be more pleased with how our photos turned out, and we recommend Brandon to anyone seeking a great photographer for a wedding or other event.

— Victoria + David

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